Test Management

We help you reduce the time and effort needed to test your SAP solutions and increase the quality of your test results.

Release Management

Release Management includes all processes to bundle requirements for the releases in a structured way.

Custom Code Management

Don’t let custom code negatively affect your business performance

Test Management - Reduce the time and effort by up to 80%

SAP solution landscapes are subject to constant change, with each and every adjustment requiring a test before successfully going live. Effective testing management shows which business processes, applications, and programs are affected by the planned change. We’ll support you in terms of optimizing your testing activities with the help of SAP Solution Manager. Our services also include the development of automated test scenarios and the integration of existing testing tools (e.g. HP Quality Center).

Test Management with SAP Solution Manager

Because of approximately 30 large projects and over 750 highly integrated major changes are completed each year, HCC decided to optimize their Test Management processes with SAP Solution Manager. Learn more about challenges and the solution of the successful project in our success story.

HCC Success Story

Release Management

Systems, configurations and IT-infrastructures are subject to frequent changes. Release Management includes all processes to bundle requirements for the releases in a structured way, as well as, the systematic implementation, testing and deployment of the releases. Release Management balances the requirement for stability and availability of the systems with the requirement for agile implementation of new business requirements.

Webinar Series: Application Lifecycle Management

100% available - Release Management with SAP

Custom Code Management with SAP Solution Manager

Custom Code Management

In order to remain competitive, client-specific developments, known as Custom Code, are often absolutely essential in business processes. If they are not used, however, maintenance, testing, and documentation costs can quickly exceed the IT-budget. In many cases, the stability, performance, and complexity of your SAP systems are significantly impaired by the effects of the often unused Custom Code. With two decades of experience carrying out projects, SNP AG and its experts have the answers to this and other problems: Use our expertise to reduce the risks from custom developments at your company.

Custom Code Management

SNP Add-ons for SAP Solution Manager

For many companies, the features available in SAP Solution Manager are not sufficient or the SAP solution is too complicated and unwieldy. That’s why SNP has harnessed its best practices and many years of project experience to develop useful Add-ons for SAP Solution Manager. These functional Add-ons optimize your IT-processes by simplifying the way you use SAP Solution Manager and making the application itself more user-friendly.

SNP Add-ons for SAP Solution Manager

The HARTMANN GROUP set a goal of launching and rolling out documentation of business processes worldwide in order to optimize the ITIL (Information technology Infrastructure Library) processes already established with SAP® Solution Manager and to enhance process innovation. As a result, the main objective within the scope of this project was to establish a “single point of truth,” which gives the entire worldwide group access to current documentation of all business and It-processes and their changes. 

Optimized Processes at the HARTMANN GROUP

We custom-tailor your incident and problem management processes to SAP Solution Manager or optimize them. We help you reduce the time and effort needed to test your SAP solutions by up to 80 percent and, in doing so, further increase the quality of your test results. SAP Solution Manager is used to oversee the implementation, monitoring, and further development of companies’ entire system landscapes, a process which is known as application lifecycle management.

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