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SNP Transformation Backbone actively supports every single step of your transformation. It enables you to master the entire transformation logistics – from continuous analysis of your corporate data and processes to careful planning and rapid implementation. SNP Transformation Backbone is the only software-based solution that addresses  both business and IT driven transformations –  thus facilitating better  communication and interaction between technical and business teams during these critical projects.

The Energy Sector’s Products business unit had five different legacy systems in use, spread out over the seven factories. This meant the legacy data was not always consistent with the sector’s new globally standardized processes. This applied to their availability as well as integrity and quality. That’s why a solution was required for the It-supported migration of all information into a single system that made the necessary changes and adjustments to the heterogeneous data before transferring it into the new system. In addition, the software needed to support future mergers and carve outs.

System Harmonization with SNP Transformation Backbone



Global Seperation of Hewlett-Packard´s SAP Landscape

A business division‘s duties often involves the sale or closing of business segments, such as plants or offices. Business data from the respective ERP and archive systems must be separated and transferred to a new system in an appropriate and consistent manner. In 2015 SNP successfully concludes the global seperation of Hewlett-Packard´s SAP landscape.

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Around the world, ABB is striving to systematically consolidate its ERP landscape. Large subsidiaries such as ABB Switzerland are reducing the varying number of systems to a maximum of three. The goal of this system consolidation is to reduce the cost and complexity of the ERP system landscape, while still maintaining the benefits of the decentralized corporate philosophy. Through the use of SNP transformation Backbone, the consultants were able to prioritize the necessary steps to reduce the landscape from six to three systems as well as exactly determine the respective time, effort, and costs of each step.

System Consolidation with SNP Transformation Backbone

Next Generation Transformation Platform

SNP Transformation Backbone analyses changes in ERP systems automated and implements them standardized. This enables clients to considerably reduce the workload for data preparation and the duration of data migration. The software provides predefined rules that, in many cases, replace the otherwise common manual programming. With the help of the stored transformation rules, it also links historical data with the new system. This is especially important at companies with long project runtimes.