Leverage expert insights to plan, simulate and execute your transformation project

SNP CrystalBridge graphically visualizes your SAP ERP environment to accelerate your business transformation, with lower cost and risk. You’ll gain intelligent and interactive recommendations that are readily understood – not pages of technical reports. The knowledge from SNP CrystalBridge interactive simulations will provide a deeper understanding of your ERP landscape that will transform your approach to mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and system upgrades and modernizations.

SNP CrystalBridge is a cloud-based and browser enabled application. And SNP CrystalBridge integrates with other SNP technology to further aid business transformations, including the SNP Interface Scanner.

Visualize Your Organizational Structure

How will your organizational structure be impacted by transformation projects? SNP CrystalBridge uses a radial diagram that displays controlling areas, companies, plants, sales organizations, and purchasing organizations: and everything is viewable in a collapsible, zoomable format for easy interaction and simulation. You can filter org units by numerous attributes, such as name, currency, and type, at every level of hierarchy.

Witness the SNP CrystalBridge Power

Join the product demonstration on occasion of the world premiere and explore the new possibilities by displaying your SAP ERP landscape in a most interactive way.


SNP University

Through SNP University, your team can quickly learn the power of SNP CrystalBridge through expert videos, product descriptions, documentation, customer success stories, and how-to’s. First, click the link below to receive an account for SNP CrystalBridge, then you will have full access to SNP University - simple as that.

SNP CrystalBridge – A New Dimension in Transparency

SNP Crystal Bridge is a new-generation platform that provides the foundation for other SNP applications. It currently includes SNP System Scan, enhancing that product with a modernized user interface and visualizations. Now, both products benefit from extensive new reporting that can help you quickly and accurately define the scope of transformation projects. The new platform collects information from your SAP environment, and uploads it to a highly-secure cloud environment. From SNP Crystal Bridge, that data can then be accessed via web browser for analysis, including system comparisons. New features are being added to SNP Crystal Bridge weekly.

SAP Module Usage

Business transformation planning requires a detailed understanding of the SAP features in use. SNP CrystalBridge determines with high accuracy which SAP modules are being used, as well as digging deeper into the SAP technical environment to yield a rich information about actual SAP usage. A wizard interface guides the user in setting up the system, and results are displayed in a tabular form that can be saved or exported.