You want to know how the business processes of your ERP system landscape really work? BPA is designed to reveal and visualize processes without complex interviews.


Identify bottlenecks or unnecessary steps within the process. BPA provides you an understanding why some process variations are better than others.


Reduce costs by establishing standards. BPA recognizes the differences between similar business processes on multiple systems or in organizational units. Any special questiions?

Automatically collect all the necessary Data from one or several Oracle Systems

SNP Business Process Analyzer is a standard solution which can be used to analyze and visualize business processes in SAP, EBS, JD Edwards and PeopleSoft ERP systems based on master and transaction data. The system’s intelligent extractors automatically collect all the necessary data from one or several ERP systems and then prepares the information for graphic presentation instantly. As a result, you can view the actual business processes from your ERP systems at the touch of a button in a fi lterable overview and also select the exact level of detail required.

SNP Business Process Analysis can be seamlessly integrated into your existing Oracle environment integrated with SNP’s Transformation Backbone®. SNP’s software identifies harmonization and consolidation requirements in the Oracle system landscape and is the ideal foundation for monitoring transformation projects during the analysis stage.

The results of the analyses allow you to have a record of actual processes in order to define harmonized reference processes for consolidation. With this system you can cut the costs of your transformation project by up to 25%!

The door opener for Application Lifecycle Management with the SAP Solution Manager

The Business Blueprint is oftentimes the foundation for comprehensive functionalities of the SAP Solution Manager such as ITIL, ChaRM, Release Management as well as Test- and Custom Code Management. BPA is an easy and efficient way for you to initially create your Business Blueprint or to monitor and update it continuously. This way no reference model libraries are necessary which only validate coarse grained statistics of your SAP system against a predefined model. Process Mining, however, reconstructs your as-is processes without forcing them into a predefined process model. Of course your individual technical artefacts, such as standard but also custom transactions, are still included in your documentations.

Based on the Business Blueprint, our highly experienced BLM consultants support you to deal with your custom developments and analyzing processes and process steps that are affected by changes as well as the development of test- and training strategies that are usually a critical factor during release changes and upgrades.

We offer Process Mining

Process Mining is a scientifically sound method to reconstruct business process models by using application data. These models have the advantage of displaying business processes in a comprehensible and objective way.

Oracle System Experts

Over 2500 successful transformation projects in ERP environments enable us to understand the technical and professional aspects of your business processes. Benefit from our comprehensive know-how that contributed to BPA.

Software & Consulting

Use the standard BPA software by yourself or contact our consultants and industry experts from our partner network to manage your projects.

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