The new transformation is smart. Software automates many steps and reduces the manual workload; only a few SAP experts are necessary, and users have less needless work thanks to clean test phases and similar improvements.

SNP Data Provisioning & Masking

There is a genuine alternative to time-consuming system copies. With SNP’s Data Provisioning & Masking software, SAP test data is selected for specific times or objects and migrated to development or QA systems. This eliminates the need for tedious reworking and allows rapid updates of test data at any time.

SNP Interface Scanner

SNP Interface Scanner analyzes existing interfaces in order to better understand how other systems will be affected by planned changes such as upgrades, merges or splits. Starting out from a central system, it analyzes inbound and outbound interfaces based on the user’s selection and determines how often these interfaces are used.


SamQ can eliminate 80 percent of the cost and effort involved in annual license measurement. It will keep your organization in full compliance with SAP's license terms at all times. And it will rein in costs by constantly optimizing your SAP licenses.

SNP software accelerates innovation cycles and reduces implementation effort.

The nature of consulting has changed. In the past, large consulting teams would develop new strategies, implement applications and put IT system landscapes into service. Now, customers expect quick and flexible solutions as they no longer have time for expensive and time-consuming projects. Learn more about Empty Project Rooms in our free webinars.

Webinar: Test Data at your Fingertips - quickly and securely

With SNP Data Provisioning & Masking, SNP offers a standard software application for providing realistic and secure test data. It helps you decisively shorten your development and change processes, makes complete test and training scenarios affordable and at the same time protects your sensitive personal data from internal and external misuse – flexibly, quickly, and with little effort.

Webinar: Keep an eye on your interfaces – SNP Interface Scanner

The increasing complexity of SAP-based IT landscapes makes it difficult to keep track of the communication infrastructure and system topology. Strategic planning but also operational aspects regarding upgrades, sourcing strategies, compliance & audits and documentations are difficult to cope with.

Webinar: SAP license management made easy

The secret to efficient, sustainable license management is easy administration of SAP users and their named user licenses. That can be difficult if you're manually administering user profiles in each individual system – an expensive, time-consuming process. In our free webinar, you can learn more about our add-on for SAP license optimization.

SNP Transformation World 2017 – Take IT to the Next Level

At our conference in Heidelberg on October 19-20, 2017, you’ll have an opportunity to learn everything you ever wanted to know about software-based business transformation. We'll be taking IT to the next level at Transformation World 2017. Get ready for four floors of exciting panel discussions, customer speaker sessions and workshops from the world of transformation. The transformation community will meet for the fourth time in Heidelberg at Transformation World. This will be the first time that the event will be held in two languages, providing insights into worldwide transformation scenarios and solution approaches.

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