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Any-to-Any Transformation

SNP enables companies to grow through mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, restructuring, and reorganization. Learn more about the world’s first off-the-shelf software solution for automated analysis and standardized implementation of any-to-any transformation in enterprise systems.

SNP Interface Scanner

Gather valuable insights into your system landscape and any changes that have occurred over time. Identify and eliminate unused interfaces and connections that are no longer needed, optimize your business processes and increase the agility and security of your IT system.

SNP Transformation Cloud

ensures quality delivery of any kind of transformation, so you can be more agile in addressing constant change

Validation in Transformation

SNP Transformation Cloud will map your system landscape and transformation projects, create a risk-based impact analysis dashboard, give you an overview about tailored tests.

Powered by "Cloud Wisdom"

Leveraging Big Data analytics technology, it learns from the aggregated data of thousands of projects, to empower you with the collective experience of the SNP community