Application Lifecycle Management

We fully integrate process documentation and test management into your incident and change request management.

IT Service Management

Run SAP like a factory. Designing, implementing and running IT-processes with SAP Solution Manager and Infrastructure Management.

Get the most out of SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager is used to oversee the implementation, monitoring and further development of a companies entire system landscape, a process which is known as application lifecycle management. The range of features, and sometimes the complexity of SAP Solution Manager itself, poses challenges to many companies. SNP BLM structures the implementation of SAP Solution Manager with standardized consulting, best practices, preprogrammed Add-ons, and covers every activity – from a thorough analysis of ITSM-Proces­ses to designing and implementing customized optimizations for service and support teams using SAP Solution Manager.

SAP Solution Manager’s range of features or its usability often do not go far enough, particularly when it comes to companies with defined tools and processes.  SNP BLM encompasses all application lifecycle management features and modules within SAP Solution Manager. In over 400 successfully completed projects, the specialists from SNP have developed a variety of best practices, methods, and Add-ons to optimize SAP Solution Manager. The software and services from SNP cover all areas of application lifecycle management – from standard SAP scenarios to complex, customized release management for specific clients.

Get the most out of SAP Solution Manager

Modification­-free Add­-ons from SNP enhance SAP Solution Manager’s standard features. Together with our best practices, they accelerate the rapid adjustment of the processes to your individual needs. Based on extensive experience and our best practices, we developed Add-ons for SAP Solution Manager, which allow our customers to enhance the functionality and increase the speed of adoption, as well as, the end-user acceptance. These standardized SNP Add-ons for SAP Solution Manager can be seamlessly integrated into your SAP environment and are ready to use.

SNP Add-ons for SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager had been used at Fritz Egger as an IT Service Management (ITSM) tool for SAP and Non-SAP systems and applications since 2005. Egger wanted to design and deploy consistent processes for all users, regardless of whether they used SAP.

Learn more about the challenges and solutions of the deployment and optimization of service and support pocesses with SAP Solution Manager 7.1.

IT Service Management for SAP and Non-SAP Systems

The fast-moving fashion industry requires market participants to also make rapid company decisions with the help of their IT-landscape. As a result, ESPRIT’s management team developed a concept to secure the companies long-term profitability and at the same time position the company as a leading global fashion label. The goal was to introduce a transparent change process for all workflows, system landscapes and requirements. Learn more about optimizing Change Request Management (ChaRM) in SAP Solution Manager.

Optimizing Change Request Management (ChaRM)