New design language and user experience

SAP Fiori is much more than just a technological change in the runtime environment powering the SAP user interface. SAP Fiori is SAP's new design language and user experience for business applications. SAP Fiori uses design principles that ensure a consistent user experience across devices. In addition to incorporating the latest web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, Fiori combines a standard look and feel with greatly simplified user navigation. As a result, Fiori apps improve user satisfaction while driving acceptance of the SAP solution. Fiori is a significant component of the SAP user experience strategy. Future products will be implemented in Fiori; technologies such as Web Dynpro will only be used in exceptional cases. That makes it all the more important to learn more about SAP Fiori.

SAP Fiori – New User Experience in S/4HANA

In this webinar, SNP not only traces the connection between usability, user experience and the SAP UX strategy, but also explains SAP Fiori's significance in terms of technology, architecture and design philosophy. SNP also presents a best practice approach for evaluating and implementing SAP Fiori apps.

S/4HANA: Driver of Modernization

In our experience, it is difficult to guarantee the success of a new user experience like Fiori without first mapping out a user experience strategy. Start-to-finish planning, whether associated with an S/4HANA transformation or not, provides the flexibility needed for the subsequent implementation.

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Technical Implementation of SAP Fiori

Explore, Create, Evaluate

We support our customers as a trusted advisor on every step of their SAP Fiori journey: from the idea to selection, conceptual design and roll-out to technical implementation. Our three-phase model, comprising the phases "Explore", "Create" and "Evaluate", covers all stages of the value chain with defined deliverables at the end of each phase. We support agile methods that enable us to achieve reliable, long-term results quickly.

SAP Solution Manager Upgrade: Future 7.2

Options for release upgrade

Functionally speaking, there's no need for customers to fear upgrading from SAP® Solution Manager 7.1 to 7.2. All the features of the old version will be included in the new version – and will not, as often claimed, only be available to large customers or payers of an additional license fee. Instead, the new release offers innovative new features and ideas.