It paid off – financially and otherwise – to plan and implement the release upgrade with technology that had never before been used in the hospital IT-environment. Over 400 patient transactions took place during the upgrade. Learn more about the SAP Release Upgrade in our Success Story.

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Overcoming the challenge of maintaining proprietary platforms

Many organizations have valuable assets in SAP applications running on aging, proprietary systems that have served them well for years. By upgrading outdated SAP software, IT leaders can enhance functionality for mobile users and effectively turn rapidly growing volumes of data into actionable insight.

SAP Modernization – Automated, Efficient, Accurate.

However, interrupting normal operations for an IT migration presents significant challenges. Many SAP applications and databases are mission critical and demand round-the-clock availability, but traditional upgrades and migrations often require prolonged downtime. Even an extra hour or two of downtime may dramatically reduce an organization’s productivity.

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With SNP Transformation Backbone, your IT receives

Exceptional business agility:

Organizations can rapidly respond to changing workload and user demands with converged infrastructure for SAP application deployments.

Fast time to value:

SNP dramatically help reduce the time organizations spend on designing,procuring, deploying, integrating and testing for SAP modernization.

Outstanding IT efficiency:

Organizations can concentrate on rolling out and managing applications rather than setting up infrastructure.

At a glance: Near-Zero Downtime

To aid organizations in their transition to contemporary environments with minimal downtime, SNP provides Near-Zero Downtime (NZD) Migration Services for SAP applications. SNP Services also offers business-critical support, expertise and practical experience to help eliminate the risks associated with migration.

Near-Zero Downtime is a procedure developed by SNP to carry out migration tasks within a very short system downtime. As a rule, additional adjustments or enhancements made to repository objects are carried out in the existing source systems. A maintenance stop, and thereby a development system that is not available, is usually not possible or should be avoided to the greatest extent possible.