Migrating to the AWS Cloud in Near-Zero-Downtime

Moving a large global CPG company’s SAP EHP 4.7 system to the AWS Cloud using traditional methods required several major upgrade steps and an ensuing, long, migration cycle. This effort pointed to extended downtime during the transition, disrupting operations, which the business could not tolerate.

Interrupting normal operations for an IT-migration presents significant challenges. Many SAP applications and databases are mission critical and demand round-the-clock availability, but traditional upgrades and migrations often require prolonged downtime. Even an extra hour or two of downtime may dramatically reduce an organization’s productivity.

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Due to the complex and mission-critical nature of SAP installations,
enterprises looking to migrate SAP to the cloud should seek a provider
able to deliver …

Extensive SAP Experience

To ensure a smooth transition to the cloud, it is essential to work with software that is intimately familiar with the SAP landscape.

SAP Successes

The best indicator of a provider’s SAP knowledge and experience is their ability to help enterprises migrate their SAP instances to the cloud.

Assured Performance

In order to ensure a smooth SAP experience, the cloud platform must guarantee access to the compute, storage and network resources required by SAP.

“Doing any form of migration is not just a lift and move, and the challenges can be more significant depending on the current state of your SAP environment.”

Steele Arbeeny, CTO, SNP

Near-Zero Downtime migration to the cloud

To aid organizations in their transition to cloud environments with minimal downtime, SNP provides Near-Zero Downtime (NZD) migration services for enterprise applications. That includes business-critical support, expertise and practical experience to help eliminate the risks associated with migration.

Near-Zero Downtime is a procedure developed by SNP to carry out migration tasks within a very short system downtime.