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Profit Centers in SAP-ERP

Efficiency through Corporate Reorganization

Continuous Add-ons or integrating new systems, reorganizing business processes, as well as carve-outs and international expansions can highly fragment the ERP landscape. This often leads to inefficient and poorly performing ERP systems with significant consequences for the entire business. In order to cut IT-costs, all business applications should be put under the microscope. During a migration, individually customized structures, business objects, and processes must be appropriately prepared in a standard application and incorporated into the new ERP system’s structure.

"Our OneP project called for the extensive preparation of source data and a significant amount of time and energy to coordinate the project’s worldwide implementation. With SNP Transformation Backbone, we were able to work in a rules-based manner, and as such, minimize the manual programming workload."

Jürgen Poethke, Project manager for data migration, Energy Sector, Siemens AG

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The Painless Roadmap to SAP New General Ledger

A trouble-free transition to the new general ledger is possible with SNP Transformation Backbone. The software and the precisely coordinated approach from the IT and other departments make it possible to introduce the new general ledger during the year independent of the preparation of monthly or annual financial statements. The software-based approach with certified templates guarantees the SAP system’s successful transition.

ThyssenKrupp’s Materials Services business area faced the challenge of integrating SAP’s new general ledger into several ERP systems distributed across the globe and harmonizing various reporting structures across the group. Prior to the project, reporting was geared to classic company codes, which resulted in a complex, inflexible reporting system. The goal of the ERP transformation was primarily to be able to fulfill group-wide requirements across the globe at all locations, to simplify processes, to make solid, group-wide reporting possible, and to more quickly prepare financial statements.

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Profitcenter Structures for the Classical and New GL

The new solution module for the SNP Transformation Backbone standard platform enables speedy changes to be made to profitcenter structures for the classical and new general ledger (NewGL). The need for changes of this kind can be triggered, for example, by changes in organizational structures after the hive-off of business divisions, or new reporting standards that stipulate different allocations. The restructuring of profitcenters also gives rise to changes in the posting of account assignment objects, e.g. projects, orders, materials, etc. This software solution means that the objects concerned are automatically reassigned and the stocks reposted. All the changes are documented and traceable. The SNP Profitcenter Reorganization solution makes it possible for the assignment to profitcenters within SAP ERP systems to be restructured using a partially automated process. It supports the renaming, splitting and also the consolidation of profitcenters.

Get Finance Excellence with the SNP Transformation Backbone

The increasingly competitive, global business environment is driving organizations to make these transformations at a higher speed and with increasing agility. Each corporate and technological change imposes huge burdens on IT and finance departments: They are the key enablers of this transformation and also have to transform themselves in the process, this is an essential, yet highly complex process.

Interview with ERPwebTV

SAP HANA and S/4HANA migration - experiences and recommendations: Many SAP landscapes might migrate on to SAP HANA und S/4HANA in the upcoming years. ERPwebTV asked our migration expert about the challenges companies have to face. The interview was held in german language.

Streamline your SAP for S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA is the new business suite for SAP customers. It is built on the SAP HANA platform and offers a personalized user experience with SAP Fiori. Whether used in the cloud or on your premises, SAP S/4HANA allows you to drastically simplify your system landscape and lower your total operating costs. The first available application is SAP Simple Finance. Additional solutions and applications will be launched in succession in the years to come. You can already start gearing up to transform your existing SAP systems into S/4HANA systems. Our Streamline Your SAP for S/4HANA program will prepare your current SAP landscape to transition to the new business suite.

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