Global Rollout – Process Competence

is the competence to analyze processes at different sites targeted to identify optimization potential and develop cross-site implementation concepts

The goal was to introduce a transparent change process for all workflows, system landscapes, and requirements. In addition, the team wanted to improve the required evaluation and prioritization of change requests through expanded classification and assessment options.

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Scalable Solution

What is needed is an innovative and proven solution that covers the national and international legal requirements and by high scalability for large locations and corporate headquarters as well suited as for smaller branches . hartung:consult offers a standard business solution that meets these challenges perfectly.

Optimum Adaption to Target Markets

More and more companies, plants and branch offices are deciding to withdraw from their group‘s central SAP ERP system in order to better tailor their business processes to local market conditions. However, a „carve-out“ – i.e. transferring data to a dedicated local solution – costs considerable time and money. Many organizations are hesitant to take the plunge.

Software-supported SAP Carve-out

Rollout Competence & Procedure

The success of a rollout project is essentially characterized by the competence of the rollout partner, the use of proven rollout methods and the availability of competent international support. The procedure of an international rollout requires the confrontation with very specific technical and organizational challenges in the project work and socio-emotional problems, which result from a change in the structures and working methods for the affected employees. We have over 20 years of experience from numerous successful rollout projects and a proven template-based transformation rollout method.

Global Rollout

Rollout of standardised business processes

Rollout of standardized
business processes

Central IT

Establishment of a centralized IT Service Management

Establishment of a centralized
IT Service Management


Application Lifecycle Management and Localization

Application Lifecycle
Management and Localization

Global Rollout of standardized business processes

Typical phases of a global rollout project include a gap analysis with evaluation and comparison of actual and target processes, creation of the template including " business blueprint ", documentation and the first rollout as part of a pilot project. Subsequently, the template will be refined and rolled out globally.

Central IT: Establishment of a centralized IT Service Management

An efficient application operation is unthinkable without a professional user support. The Incident Management has the primary objective, the negative effects of interference on a service or an application system in the short term to resolve or mitigate. SAP Solution Manager provides for an ITSM solution like no other tool supports all ITIL processes in full, regardless of whether you are running independently the tool for your SAP or non - SAP system landscape.

Business Process

Accelerate target/actual-comparison through intelligent software

Business Process

Support from SAP Solution Manager with partly automated documentation

Template & Release

ITIL compliant implementation with SAP Solution Manager

OneERP: Application Lifecycle Management and Localization

SAP systems are subject to constant change. This is sometimes a major challenge: In order to meet new or changing requirements, they take to the occasional adjustments and enhancements to the system, thus creating highly structured historically grown SAP systems. In conceptual and technical point of view we support users in intelligent use of SAP Solution Manager. This is a central technology platform and provides extensive methods, procedures, tools and preconfigured content.