Issuance of a borrower's note loan of € 40 million
Opening of new offices in Berlin and Dresden
Global roadshow „Transformation Days“ took place in 14 cities
SNP takes over one of the largest SAP Partners in Central and Eastern Europe
SNP plans conversion into a European Company (SE)
SNP takes over South American ADEPCON Group
New record at Transformation World: More than 400 attendees
Acquisition of ERST Technology GmbH
Legal Conversion Into a European Stock Corporation (SE)

Move to Asia: Shareholdings in Hartung Consult GmbH and Astrums Consulting (S) Pte. Ltd
“Transformation Days”: Global roadshow through 12 cities
HUAWEI and SNP enter into a strategic partnership
SNP AG acquires majority holding in UK-based Harlex Management Ltd.
SNP signs mega deal: Merger of two of the biggest chemical companies in the world
Third Transformation World: More than 350 attendees on two days
Renaming of SNP Consulting GmbH to SNP Transformation Deutschland GmbH
Successful Capital Increase: Cash inflow of around € 31 million

Majority acquisition in RSP GmbH
Hewlett-Packard: successful split
Placing of a corporate bond of € 10 million
Roadshow „Transformation Days“ took place in six cities
Second “Transformation World” with roundabout 300 attendees

Prime Standard Stock Exchange segment
Opening of a training academy
Foundation of SNP Applications GmbH
„Transformation Days“: Roadshow through six cities
150 attendees at the first “Transformation World”

Formation of a Spanish subsidiary
Beginning of the new SAP partnership
Acquisition and expansion of activities in the USA

SNP wins IBM as a global cooperation partner PwC also certifies SNP Transformation Backbone

Sales begin in the United States and South Africa
Software certified by Ernst & Young

Launch of SNP Transformation Backbone®
SNP expands its majority stake in EINS GmbH (today SNP Austria GmbH)

SNP AG becomes OEM partner of SAP AG
SNP completely acquires THEBIS GmbH (today SNP Consulting GmbH)

SNP Data Distillery
SNP Client Move and SNP Client Upgrade
SNP acquires a majority stake in THEBIS GmbH (today SNP Consulting GmbH)

Service & Support / Business Landscape Management
General Standard Stock Exchange segment
SNP acquires a majority stake in EINS GmbH (today SNP Austria GmbH)

Transformation into a stock
Corporation Foundation of SNP (Schweiz) AG

Foundation of Schneider-Neureither & Partner GmbH

Charity is Part of Our Company Culture

Charity Event Rowing Regatta

"Rudern gegen Krebs" since 2015

Charity Tournament

Playing Golf for a Good Purpose

Business Friend of EMBL

Contribution to Progress

SNP is proud to be Bronce Sponsor of the International Music Festival "Heidelberger Frühling" 2017. The next »frühling« will be from march 25th to april 29th, 2017.

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