As part of the SNP Group, hartung:consult helps companies react rapidly to changes in their business environment. The solution SNP Transformation Backbone enables companies to adapt their IT landscape more quickly and economically to changing market conditions. SNP Transformation Backbone is the world’s first standard software solution that automatically analyzes changes in IT systems and implements them in a standardized way. The solution is based on the experience SNP AG has gained in more than 5000 projects worldwide with its software-related services for Business Landscape Transformation.

Part of SNP – The Transformation Company

SNP helps companies transform business models and roll out new technologies. Its software and services make it easier to execute technical or commercial changes in global business applications. 









Business Transformation

Fast-paced global markets mean that companies have to be ready to adapt their processes at all times.

IT Transformation

Structures have to be merged, separated, or changed within the existing environment.

Transformation Services

To ensure competitive advantages in global markets, corporations have to review their business strategy periodically.

Transformation Software

Global competition and continuous technological change drive markets through increasingly shorter cycles of change.

SNP - The Transformation Company
Global Locations

The Management Team

Dr Oswin Hartung holds Degrees in Psychology and Computer Science. He also held research and lecturing positions at the Technical University Berlin, Germany, and organised China's very first ERP Workshop at Jiaotong University in Shanghai, together with Professor Xuan Guoliang.

He founded hartung:consult in 1988 – in the western part of the back then still divided city of Berlin. His focus has been in Organizational Consultation & Change Management, Potentials Analysis & Management Audits, Project management, Intercultural communication Reorganization and Optimization of Business Processes. With vast knowledge and experience he has helped hartung:consult to grow and to become one of the well-known global acting consultancy firm in the SAP Consultancy arena. Currently, he holds the position of CEO at hartung:consult. 


Mr. Thomas Liao joined hartung:consult in 1998. This industry veteran gained in-depth knowledge through myriads of SAP Projects in positions ranging from Consultant, Project Manager to Business Development Manager. Currently he is serving as General Manager, he is in charge of the China region. 

The Team

As a company we are present and active globally. In order to be most effective we uphold quick decision-making processes, a flat organization structure and an easy going communication between all employees including the executive board.

Corporate Culture

We believe long term success can only be archived with a culture of open and direct communication and cooperativeness between everybody. This open and direct attitude has been our success formula ever since establishment.