Thales used the SNP Tranformation Backbone solution to secure the harmonization of material management in the SAP system. The Advanteges of this solution:
  • Flexible and secure implementation...
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PPC chose SNP Transformation Backbone as its preferred solution. The Benefits of this solution:
  • No manual programming work thanks to using standard software
  • Successful implementation of the...
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Thanks to the SNP Transformation Backbone software solution it was easy to implement the varios selection citeria of Hitachi Power Europe (HPE) and Hitachi power Africa (HPA) as well as the diffrent... Read more
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Successfully carving out company codes

After conducting an analysis and generating a blueprint, SNP conducted three test conversions over nearly five months in which it migrated all the company code data along with the workflows and... Read more
Functionally upgrading SAP Solution Manager to 7.1 included implementing and configuring SAP CRM Web UI transaction types for incident and problem management as well as SAP Change, Citrix Change and... Read more
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Lone Warriors become Team Players

Learn more about low-risk, rapid, and resource-efficient implementation of necessary tasks with the support of SNP Business Landscape Transformation methods in our success story.
The Adventages of Diehl Aircabin thanks to SNP's expertice in ERP-Harmonization and the SNP Transformation Backbone Software :
  • Go-live migration with downtime of less than 48 hours
  • Test steps...
Learn more about the benefits of SNP Transformation Backbone, the world’s first standard software solution that automatically analyzes changes in IT systems and implements them in a standardized way.
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Carve-out in only four months

Learn more in our Success Story about a Carve-out in only 4 months with the solution SNP Transformation Backbone. Read more
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Complete Data Security

Learn more about the success and benefits of SNP Data Provisioning & Masking in our Success Story. Read more